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Product Range

Composite equipments can be made in various combinations of fiberglass and resins like Isophthalic, Bisphenol, Vinyl ester and epoxy resins. Dual Laminate construction of FRP with PP, PVC PVDF FEP and lined of MS and SS with these thermoplastic liners

Wide range of intallation types like horizontal and vertical with dished, flat and conical ends upto size of 200 m3. for storage of various corrosive fluids

Process vessels with pressure and dynamic conditions for stirrers, mixers and reactors upto pressure of 10Kg/cm2.

Towers, Scrubbers & Chimney Stacks
Scrubbers for gas & Liquid Scrubbing and sepration columns and exhaust stacks in diameter upto 4 meter and stack height upto 40 Mtrs.

From 50 mm to 2500mm diameter with fittings to complete the requrement of various fliuid and water transmission in coastal and corrosive environments.

For enclosure of field monitoring equipments and electrical Junctions and Panel boxes with protection class upto IP66

Pultruded Products
Walkway, and floor gratings with various load condition of human movement to live heavy vehicular traffic and Cable Trays for various Electrical and Instrumentation Cabling needs