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Equipments & Facilities

Workshop with two spans of space with 10 MT HOT with 25' clean working height . 35' span with 7000 sq.ft.area

Filament winding machines one with electro-mechanical control and one with CNC control having capacity to wind jobs upto 4.0 mtr.in diameter and 8 mtr. in lenght with complete set of pipe moulds and pipe extraction system.

Reciproctaing Table type Pultrusion Machine with simultaneous three lines with overhead crane for heavy die handling.

Heavy Duty Vaccum Pumps, Air compresseors, and resin transfer and spray and vaccum bagging, Resin transfer and spray and vaccume Bonding of liners.

Radial Drilling Machine, Lathe, Hydraulic Press, Hacksaw Machine are part of Fabrication shop. Carpentery shop is equipped with circuler Sawing Machine, Cutting Jigshaws.

Hot air tools with best controlled and consistent working with in built - in blowers and extruder for fabrication and welding of Engineering Thermoplastics.

Laboratory Equipments to measure Acid Value, Viscosity, Volatile contents, Specific Garvity of Resin
Uniformity, Wetability and binding strength of fiberglass.
Glass to resin Ratio, Barcol Hadness Testing, Curing Tests.